Doom & Gloom Climate Fraudsters EXPOSED! *** “Calls for Investigation of Climategate Grow *** GLOBALLY!

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Hacked emails raise new Global warming questions.  They were paid over $22 million dollars for this “research” – WE DEMAND OUR MONEY BACK FOR SHODDY AND FABRICATED DATA.
THE “small group of scientists” they often reference, who have spoken out against the global warming hype, are over 31,000!  “The source confirmed the emails!”

Emails are affirmation of the data thousands of scientists have noted for years!”

We are going to see many company executives come out against the revelation as they have put millions in “Going Green” products, fear mongering, advertising, environmental permits, and all the required expenses to produce these products.

NOTHING wrong with products environmentally friendly products, as long as they are not constantly tied to “Global Warming”.

Al Gore will, yet again, be called on his false premises and promotion of the fraud as well.  He pushed his movie in all the schools here, yet countries around the world refused to show the film. 

Hackers successfully gained access to confirmed email and documents that reveal how U.N officials and certain universities conspired to create the non-existent man-made climate crisis in order to justify the solution of a global government implemented by the introduction of a global carbon tax.

Included in the email were strategies to deal harshly with any and all scientific opposition, even though evidence of a naturally-occurring cyclical global cooling has been underway since the 1961

Let’s take the Nobel Peace Prize and give it to the Hackers!


Calls for Investigation of Climategate Grow Climate-Gate Pt 1 ***EMERGENCY VIRAL TRANSMISSION*** Climate-Gate Pt 2 ***EMERGENCY VIRAL TRANSMISSION***

U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works



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