Doomsday 2012: ‘Preppers’ Driving Online Survivalist Boom

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With the strange sounds curiosity blowing up on the web, Doomsday 2012 scenarios are making a comeback now that the due date is counting down. And companies that sell survivalist merchandise are doing big business.

With the weird noises being recorded around the globe, some exposed as a hoax, but others still unexplained, the paranormal community is seeing a revival of last year’s Doomsday hysteria. It seems the world got tired of the debate after Harold Camping’s famous flop, but as December 21, 2012 draws near the issue is ready to be revisited.

One indicator that more people are taking dire warnings of imminent, worldwide collapse more seriously is the spike in business online retailers are experiencing by offering products geared towards the true believers.

Called “preppers” for cautiously preparing for the worst, retailers are targeting those who believe it’s a good idea to set survival supplies aside in case a collapse of society does occur, whether from financial ruin, man-made destruction or natural disaster.

Products being sold to preppers are no longer the basics like water and canned goods. Merchants are seeing big ticket items like water tanks, refrigeration units, generators and even firearms.

More and more people are turning their homes into long-term survival centers going well beyond the Y2k mantra of being self-sufficient for a few weeks at best.

This heightened awareness and cultural trend is also being driven by Doomsday prophets online, radio, and TV. Glenn Beck is the most prominent figure from mainstream media, admonishing that “It’s never too late to prepare for the end of the world as we know it.”

While it’s a good idea to have emergency supplies in every home, this belief that 2012 marks the approach of Doomsday seems to be catching on with millions of people worried about the future of the planet and society.

What do you think? Is there good reason for this? Are you preparing for a long-term end-of-the-world scenario?

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