Doomsday Apophis Asteroid NASA and Russian Scientists Disagree

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The Apophis Asteroid may be the doomsday asteroid that could hit Earth in 2036. Scientists in Russia and the United States are in disagreement about the possibility of a collision that would mean doomsday for Earth. Is Apophis really the doomsday threat that Russia claims it to be?

Officials at NASA and the Russian space program are far apart on the possibility of a doomsday scenario. NASA is taking the stance that the Russian scientists are exaggerating the dangers, but Russia believes this is a real threat, and they want the United States to help come up with a plan of defense.

The basis of the debate is whether or not Russia and the United States can agree on a plan, or even if there needs to be a plan. NASA agrees there is an asteroid, but the chances of hitting Earth are just 1 in 250,000. While those odds are not great, they are cause for concern.

Can NASA ignore the danger of a doomsday asteroid, and is Apophis Asteroid the threat that Russia believes it to be? The goal would be to have meeting between the two nations to determine if there is a threat, and if there is one, what can be done about it. However, NASA doesn’t believe it is a doomsday asteroid, and that there is no legitimate danger, so there is a stalemate.


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