‘Doomsday Preppers’ Recap 11/27/2012: Two Prepping Families Team Up

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Are two prepping families better than one when it comes to defending your home and property? Tom Perez seems to think so. On the Nov. 27, 2012 episode of Doomsday Preppers, Perez and his family decide to share their bug out location with another prepper family from Houston, Tex.

MolotowcocktailPerez Family
Tom Perez, his wife and five children live in Houston, Tex. They are prepping for a dirty bomb event that would create chaos in his neighborhood and perhaps throughout the entire city of Houston.

To ensure the safety of his family, Tom purchased 700 acres in Bracket, Tex. This is 300 miles from Houston. He calls this place The Alamo. The bug out location has two limestone buildings and it is situated on top of a large aquifer. This allows the Perez family to pump their own water. Water is stored in concrete tanks. He has 2,000 gallons in reserve. Perez tested the toughness of the concrete tanks with homemade Molotov cocktails.

Tom Perez has nine months of food and water stored. To prevent anyone from stealing, 10 percent of the stored supplies are tainted and only Tom knows which ones. Hope he is the only one dishing out water and food, otherwise one of his kids could be accidentally poisoned.

In addition to a large supply of food and water, Tom has 46,000 rounds of ammo in storage. There are three backup routes to the bug out location and Perez spends five to six hours a day prepping. He is training all of his children in the use of firearms and he holds weekly defense skills drills.

Vanesse Family
Tom Perez recruited another family to help him in a bug out situation. The Vanesse family consists of Steve Vanesse, his wife and daughter. When the time comes to bug out, the Vanesse family will meet the Perez family at The Alamo.

The Vanesse family brings knowledge of how to use Geiger counters and radiation detectors to the table. Steve Vanesse is sometimes careless about how he uses firearms. During a routine practice drill where Steve and Tom were installing and testing IDE devices, Steve shot his high caliber rifle off in a hunting blind. Steve’s weapon had a muzzle break and this caused injury to Tom Perez. The injuries, including vomiting and loss of hearing, were temporary. It caused a temporary rift between the families but this was resolved.

The prepping team gave the Perez/Vanesse families the following advice; supplies need to be cached along the bug out routes due to the long distance the two families must travel. Steve’s survival depends entirely on reaching The Alamo.

Water score 20 out of 20.

Food score 10 out of 20 because the Vanesse family is not bringing any supplies.

Shelter 16 out of 20 because the families should have an underground bunker on the property.

Security 15 out of 20, the preppers feel that the families should take a security course.

An additional 16 out of 20 x-factor points are awarded because Tom Perez recruited another family. The two families have 15 months of initial survival. Since this Doomsday Preppers episode was originally filmed, Tom Perez started homeschooling his children. The name of his school is the Doomsday Academy.

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