Dorner’s Ex-Wife April Carter: There Is a Twin Tower Connection

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Christopher Jordan Dorner’s ex-wife April Carter is a sergeant in the law enforcement field and allegedly works at the Twin Towers County Jail in downtown LA according to NBC-4 LA reporter Gordon Tokumatsu, who let the cat out of the bag on his Twitter account Friday.

Gordon says that another employee at the jail saw someone who she thought was Dorner around 5 a.m. and let it be known, so a lockdown followed. By this afternoon the cops had not found anyone on the premises matching the suspect’s description, so the lockdown was lifted. But it is the latest sighting announced in the Dorner manhunt, so everyone was curious to know if it was another hoax or a legitimate tip.

CBS2’s/KCAL9‘s Cristy Fajardo spoke to April Carter’s brother about the marriage between her and Dorner, which took place on April 27, 2007 and the ex of Dorner said his sister was “so embarrassed by it all, she never spoke of it,” and that she was married to the suspect for about “eight hours.” He also said he never personally met her husband.

Carter was married to Dorner from April 27 to May 24 of that year reportedly. So it was a bit longer than eight hours, but it isn’t hard to figure out that Carter figured out kind of quickly that this might not have been the best decision she ever made in picking men and was smart enough to cut and run. However, the Huffington Post says April Carter wasn’t that smart at all to hear a neighbor tell it, because she was still seeing her ex-husband up until a couple of months ago, as he was coming to do landscaping at her home according to Oscar Gonzalez.

The big question now is whether or not it was Dorner’s ex-wife April Carter in all those photos on Christopher Jordan Dorner’s Facebook wall or someone else. His Facebook account has been disabled now, but here’s the same Dorner photos that were on it at the time. What do you think? Is this beautiful woman the ex-wife of Christopher Jordan Dorner the lunatic supposedly running around killing people?

Officer Photo Credit by Gordon Tokumatsu Twitter

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