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I have a cat named Trouble

He’s old, smiling, going on eight

My grandson bought a new pet

Now my troubles are double


He’s supposed to be friend for Trouble

He is named Ezekiel call him Zeke for short

He’s a ferret of all things,

I can’t complain, might burst Billy’s bubble


He lives in a Ferret condo, upstairs and down

My cat contented to just share my bed

Zeke is locked up most of the time

When he’s out there is mayhem, the two tumbling around


Now who is king of the roost, Trouble has territorial rights

But Zeke is nimble and quick and likes to get the kitty’s goat

Good thing Trouble is bigger by far

Or Zeke could win all the rumbling, tumbling fights


Trouble gives him a swat and Zeke flies through the air

That’s after Zeke has ran him ragged and teased

I watch hoping they won’t hurt each other

Then realize in the animal kingdom all’s fair


Trouble is sleeping right now peacefully

And Zeke is in his hammock zonked out

It’s quiet time here at my animal ranch

This  me time I accept each night gratefully






This week’s challenge:write a modern fable.

  • It does not have to be about pension funds.  You can write about anything: municipal bond discount rates, overly-optimistic return projections or the escalating cost of health-care.

  • If you don’t want to write about the things I have listed above, write a modern fable that features rabbits or weasels.***

  • Post your article to Gather Writing Essentials.

  • BE SURE TO TAGyour submission with MWE. Note: I search for articles using the tag “MWE” If you don’t tag it right, I will not find it.

  • Include “Monday Writing Essential” in your title.

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