Down Syndrome Baby Should Have Been Aborted, Parents Say

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The parents of a baby born with Down syndrome are suing Legacy Health center in Portland, Oregon for “wrongful birth” after a prenatal test failed to pick diagnose the condition. Ariel and Deborah Levy have actually become notorious recently over their public comments that they would have aborted the unborn child had they known when they should have.

Deborah Levy, while early in her pregnancy, underwent the routine test known as a CVS, or chorionic villus sampling. This test is conducted on pregnant women sometime in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and detects conditions such as Down syndrome (also Down’s Syndrome). The first 12 weeks of pregnancy is also the time frame in which an abortion procedure is at its safest. In fact, women don’t generally seek abortions beyond 12 weeks, and late term abortions are illegal. So Deborah Levy and her husband Ariel relied on the results of her CVS test, convinced that nothing would be wrong with her baby.

After she’d given birth she took her newborn to the doctor to show her off, but instead got devastating news. Her doctor looked at the child and told her that she appeared to have Down’s Syndrome—which came as a shock to the mother of two healthy boys. The doctor administered the tests to diagnose condition and confirmed that Kalamit Levy in fact has it. This left the mother heartbroken.

“We would have aborted her,” parents say

It may seem like a cold-hearted thing for a parent to say about their child, especially one as special as a child with Down Syndrome. Still, it’s understandable. The parents are suing the medical center for $3 million, but the figure has also been reported as high as $14 million—for the long term care of their special needs child. The fact of the matter is that this child will never grow into an adult to enjoy the fullest potential that she can, and the parents are well within their rights to have made the decision not to bring her into this world. For making their opinions known, they have been the target of death threats and hate speech by the ultra-conservative pro-lifers who find that their opinions aren’t savory enough to their liking.

Yes, it’s noble for parents to raise special needs children, but it’s truly not for everyone. Once the parent of a special needs child is gone, who does the child have when they become an adult and still require care and supervision? There are adults who live in group homes for this very reason, so which is more humane? An abortion or that?

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