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There was something

about the way your eyes

absorbed the light

which made me

want to soak into

the depths of them

or adorn them on my skin

like jewels

rich multi-textures

tossed flecks of gold

floating up to the surface

I was spellbound by your gaze

just wanted to taste

the delicious nature of you

try to understand why

I couldn’t weave the right words

find a poetic gesture to describe

the essence of who

you were to me

the love I felt down to the

marrow of my aging bones

You slipped away from

the length of my fingertips

I watched you disappear

over the horizon of my limited vision

wanted to raise my fists in anger

but I understood your gypsy ways

so there was nothing I could say

even though my need for you

was like an overlooked plum

vulnerable and exposed

lost and left to wither

in this vast snow covered orchard


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