Downsizing Isn’t Easy

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Times have changed in our household.  At one time, we had all 7 of our children living with us.  At the time, I never really thought about what it would be like with just 1 or 2 living at home.  Probably that’s because I was busy bringing them and trying to keep up with them.  We have just 1 at home now who will be gone by this spring. 

We decided that we our 4 bedroom home was to big for us.  We have recently rented it out for now.  Maybe the house market will pick back up someday.  We have moved to be closer to our parents and happy in our 2 bedroom home.  I have to travel further for work, but we bought a Prius.  Now that is downsizing!  We used to have a van, car, and kingcab pickup just get our needs met back when all the children lived at home.

My house is stock piled with more things than I can use.  Our cupboards, freezer, fridge and pantry are overloaded.  I decided that until it is at a reasonable level then I will buy only a few things to keep on hand. I won’t have to buy Pledge for awhile, counted 8 cans!  I’ll just get what we need for now like milk & eggs and just put the money away for something else for now. 

I have found it difficult when it comes to cooking for 3 people.  I’m used to cooking many servings.  I made chili the other night that was enough for 3 meals, but then tonight I made shephard’s pie and there was barely enough for the 3 of us.  I know in time I’ll get it right, but for now it is trial and error. 

We are adjusting to the almost empty nest syndrome.  We have plans to take a cruise and travel around different parts of the country we haven’t seen.  It’s almost like we’ll be dating each other again!



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