Downtown Dallas – A Photo Essay

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You know, I've lived in the Dallas area for almost 10 years now and I've never realized how pretty the buildings and the architecture in downtown Dallas actually is.  I mean, whoever puts Dallas in the pretty city category, right?  Well, these are just some pictures I took downtown and I thought it was worth sharing.

This is a shot from the freeway, heading downtown.

This is the oldest building in the historic district in Dallas.  They used it as a courthouse, a postoffice, and as a store back in the day and it's located in Dealey Plaza as featured on the plaque below.

The image

This is what Dealey Plaza holds now.  I love the way the flag looks in the background.

Just a tall building to give you perspective after that shack.

This is our historic courthouse.

Just some pretty architecture

Modern Art

You all know what Dallas is famous for, right?

This is the unfinished tomb or the Kennedy Memorial.  It's unfinished just like his life.  There used to be an eternal flame but the homeless people kept using it to cook their food so they got rid of it.  I think it's kinda sad.

For you conspiracy theorists, I was literally standing on the grassy knoll when I took this picture.

We have lots of tall buildings

This one is really tall and all glowy green so it helps me find my way when I get turned around downtown which I do, a lot.

This is reunion tower and it has a lovely revolving restaurant in it.

That's it for now.  This article is very image heavy.  I hope it loads for everyone.  Thanks for reading/watching.

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