Dr. Dre Gay? MediaTakeOut Says He Is!

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Is Dr. Dre gay? At least one website seems to think so…MediaTakeOut! This is hardly a surprise…that MediaTakeOut is spreading rumors not that they believe that Dre swings the other way, as if that is anyone’s business.

In photos that the website deemed as “shocking,” Dr. Dre was pictured walking down the street, in Beverly Hills, with another man. It wasn’t as if he was holding hands with the guy, still, out came the speculation that the rapper was ‘out.’

The website then goes on to blame Suge Knight for starting the rumor, claiming that he had called Dre “sweet.”

Is anyone surprised by the latest “insert rapper’s name here” is gay rumors? Hardly, the website walks the fine line between truth and half-truth all the time. It looks like Dr. Dre just happened to walk into the spotlight this week with a “male companion” while on a man-date. The question is, who will be next? Justin Bieber? No, wait, those rumors already exist.

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