Dr. Drew Pinsky Claims Charlie Sheen Needs Medication

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Dr. Drew Pinsky took to the airwaves with his new HLN show, Dr. Drew. He took on the popular topic of Charlie Sheen and what may or may not be ailing the former Two and a Half Men star. According to Dr. Drew, Sheen needs to be medicated, but what does he think that Sheen is suffering from?

Dr. Drew feels that Sheen believes he’s living a role and implies that he’s living in a sort of a fantasy world. When asked what he thought Sheen needed he responded.

“He needs some Depakote (a drug used to treat the manic phase of bipolar disorder) … he needs some medication,” Pinsky replied.

So, it seems that Dr. Drew believes what many of Sheen’s fans also believed – that he’s suffering from bipolar disorder and possible manic phases. Dr. Drew also feels that if Charlie isn’t medicated soon that the outcome could be catastrophic.According to Drew, there are only three options available to Sheen should he not get much needed help: death, institutionalization or jail.

This is basically what many of the world’s bystanders have concluded as well while watching his lengthy downward spiral.

Don’t count on Charlie taking anything that Drew has to say to heart, though. The last time that Dr. Drew had offered medical advice to him he lashed out in anger.

“I think me and [Dr. Drew] Pinsky should jump in the ring, and I can show him how unstable these fists really are,” Sheen told K-EARTH 101.

Granted, Dr. Drew has experience with many types of addictions and disorders, but how accurate can a diagnosis be from seeing random glimpses of someone’s life online and on television? Is it possible that Drew’s got it all wrong?

One thing is certain, and that is that Charlie feels that nothing is wrong. If he continues to feel that nothing is wrong, there’s little to no chance that he will be getting any help anytime soon. Perhaps he’s not suffering from bipolar disorder after all. If he does, indeed have it, it’d seem more likely that he’s enjoying it instead.

What do you think? Is Charlie suffering from bipolar disorder? Weigh in below.

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