Dr. Drew Pinsky Denies He’s Fame-Addicted; And Bears Don’t Sleep In Woods

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Media vampire, Dr. Drew Pinsky, whose new show premiered just yesterday has made a startling statement.  The ubiquitous buttinsky, whose “media empire includes his new HLN talk show to a radio call-in show “Loveline,” the VH1 reality hit Celebrity Rehab and new daytime programmer Lifechangers,” claims he is not addicted to fame.

Apparently the spotlight loving savior of celebrity drunks and junkies is actually indifferent to the whole concept of being a celebrity himself.  Dr. Drew swears he can take fame or leave it alone.  Sort of like alcoholics who can stop drinking any time they like or compulsive gamblers who plan to walk away as soon as they break even or right after they win the big jackpot.  In fact, Dr. Drew was actually “very resistant to being on televisionÂ…”  because he feared that it would “interfere with (his) day job.”

Sadly, his resistance didn’t last.

“I realized that I’ve had these amazing opportunities and that maybe I should use TV to change the culture,” continues the celebrity hound. “…I spent the next 10 years shrinking my medical practice and…I’ve spent the past two to three years really focusing on TV and radio.”

Alas, his downsized patients’ gain was our loss. Not only is this man a fame addict, he’s a frighteningly egotistical, borderline megalomaniacal one.  He intends to single handedly change the culture? It’s not enough for the perhaps well meaning but misguided and utterly clueless Dr. Drew to bore us to tears with his cloying Pleasantville Weltanschauung and his almost unbearably annoying presence, he’s determined to reshape the world in his own image. Perhaps we mere mortals should be afraid– very afraid. Dr. Drew’s ultimate goal is to mess with all our minds.  Maybe he’s really not addicted to fame after all.  Perhaps he’s addicted to power.

“That’s the next stage of my career, if it involves a public life or fame, so be it,” he declares.  “I don’t know any other way of doing it, frankly.  I’m not addicted to it.  ItÂ’s just my job now.” 

It’s Dr. Drew Pinsky’s job.  But alas, it’s the world’s burden to bear.  Heaven help us.

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