Dr. Drew Pinsky Wants to Interview Lindsay Lohan

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Now that Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab, she is once again in high demand. Everyone wants to be the first to interview her. Dr. Drew Pinsky has officially A white female in a black coat and miniskirtjoined that group by making a very public request. Dr. Drew is hoping to get Lindsay as his first guest on his new show which is set to air on CNN HLN in March.

Speaking about why he wants to land Lohan, Pinsky said, “I want to talk about what’s really going on with a woman who’s suffering like that.”

Well, letÂ’s hope Dr. Drew Pinsky doesnÂ’t want to interview Lindsay Lohan just for the ratings. ThereÂ’s little doubt a show of that caliber would really bring in the viewers. The real concern everyone should have is not about whom will be the first to get a post-rehab interview but whether or not Lindsay will relapse into a life of drugs and alcohol abuse again. This most recent stint in rehab wasnÂ’t LohanÂ’s first and people are beginning to wonder if it will be her last.

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