Dr. John Ensign, Evangelical GOP Christian Adulterer, Offers Advice for Politicians

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The Republican U.S. Senator from Nevada who was forced to resign amid a sex scandal last year is now working at West Flamingo Animal Hospital in Las Vegas. John Ensign is a self-described “evangelical Christian”, a member of the Republican Party and another of the ever-growing list of political adulterers.

This is the same guy who called on Bill Clinton to resign during the Lewinsky fiasco, saying he had no credibility left; and is so worried about gays being happy, committed and married that he also spoke on the Senate floor in 2004 for the Federal Marriage Amendment. Why are cheating straight people so worried about gays getting married? Afraid gay married couples are going to make straight couples look bad?

The Senate Ethics Committee, whic must have a mountain of investigations yet to do, released a scathing report last year of the lurid affair Ensign had with a close friend named Cynthia Hampton. And, the good vet is also allegedly “friends” with the “highly ethical” Rick Santorum. Is Santorum immune to the sexual “bug” that many politicians seem to catch?

CNN reporter Dana Bash interviewed Ensign outside his veterinary office yesterday and spoke to him about his fall from grace and his current career. He built Las Vegas’ first 24-hour emergency animal hospital where he now works. Dr. Yak bought it from him and Dr. John Ensign now works for him at the facility. He says he’s enjoying the job and spending time with his family that managed to stay intact after the affair.

His advice for current politicians: “Do everything that you possibly can to keep yourself grounded. And a big part of that is keep people surrounded, keep people around who basically will slap you upside the head and tell you when you’re doing wrong.

John Ensign, Man of Integrity

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