Dr. Oz Presents 11-Week ‘Move It to Lose It’ Diet

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It’s now officially 2011, and, as it goes every year at this time, people have made their resolutions and are now facing the reality of how to stick with them. Dr. Oz, star of the appropriately named “The Dr. Oz Show” is out to help those whose resolution is to lose weight, which seems to be a significant amount of the population.

Dr. Oz is starting what he’s calling a “Resolution Revolution”by introducing the “Move It to Lose It” diet to his audience on his show today. Whereas many weight loss resolutions fizzle out quickly or end in yo-yo dieting, Dr. Oz has partnered with Nike and Sharecare to come up with an 11-week plan that works.

The plan is comprised of taking measurements, including Body Mass Index (BMI), and deciding on a realistic, healthy weight loss goal for you. You’re then able to meet those goals with the help of personalized exercise and meal plans and providing virtual one-on-one support via tutorials on how to chart meals and snacks, building a support system and meeting with an online personal trainer.

So for those of you with lofty weight loss goals and aspiring to lose more than just a couple of pounds this new year, get serious about meeting your goals with a little help from Dr. Oz.

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