Dr. Paul Nassif Explains Why He Carries A Gun

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Dr. Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof’s divorce is getting really ugly. After publicly stating that they want to remain civil as planned, it looks as though they’ve gone down another road and it all started with Paul filing an emergency motion for custody.

Although Paul didn’t get custody as he planned, Adrienne responded by claiming that he had previously attacked her and even had a gun. Now, Paul has responded, admitting to having a gun but insisting he only carried it to protect himself and his family against angry Sacramento Kings fans.

Since Adrienne’s family owns the Kings and is planning a possible move out of Sacramento, the fans aren’t happy and they’ve even dealt with serious threats in the past.

Paul has ever right to do what he feels necessary in order to make sure that his children are safe, and if that means toting a firearm, so be it.

For now, Adrienne has physical custody of the boys but he gets visitation with them. This is sure to be a long divorce!

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