Dr. Pepper 10: Is it Really a Manly Diet Drink?

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Dr. Pepper 10 is raising some eyebrows with its campaign that the diet soda is only for men. Dr. Pepper 10 even goes to say that the drink is “not for women” in its slogan! So, has anyone actually had a sip of this drink?

soda bottlesApparently, with the barrage of diet drinks in the marketplace, Dr. Pepper has found a niche market on men’s diet drinks. The company is hoping that Dr. Pepper 10 will draw in the male crowd.

The company even has a commercial out, fully loaded with muscles and guns, Rambo style, to lure in the male crowd. It’s a safe bet that men will be interested in the 10 calorie diet soda, but will their taste buds be satisfied by the flavor?

So far, the jury is still out on the taste of Dr. Pepper 10. It’s being tested in select markets and on the Internet. Readers, have you tried the manly diet drink yet? Did Dr. Pepper 10 taste like regular Dr. Pepper?

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