Dr. Teleka Patrick Missing from Michigan

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In the desperate search for missing doctor-in-residence, Teleka Patrick, who was last seen December 5, 2013, police across two states have now resorted to bloodhounds and ATVs, whilst her frantic parents have also issued a written plea for the public’s assistance.

But, despite those efforts, all that’s been found thus far is Patrick’s car with a few personal belongings inside it abandoned along Interstate-94 in Portage, Indiana.

Teleka Cassandra Patrick, who is originally from Queens, New York, graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in California this year and came to Kalamazoo, Michigan in the summer to begin the first of four years as a medical resident in psychiatry with the WMU School of Medicine.

Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Pali Matyas said the young woman vanished in thin air December 5th, shortly after being dropped off in the parking lot of Borgess Medical Center on Gull Road where her 1997 Lexus was parked.

Officials declined to provide any other details concerning this crucial event, claiming the facility’s surveillance system was on the blink that day.

They also wouldn’t say whether it was the missing woman herself who later crashed her vehicle in Indiana.

However, the fact that Dr. Patrick was in that state at all has loved ones greatly concerned, and they take issue with the Kalamazoo Police Department’s original declaration that “no foul play” is involved in her missing-persons case.

“It seems like Teleka’s life was in danger,” her mother insists. “Why would she travel in that direction Thursday night knowing that she had to be back to work on Friday? It seems it’s a matter of flight and fright. I’m trying to put the pieces together,” she added. “Only God knows.”

Further raising the possibility of wrongdoing—or even the specter of a serial killer at large in this Great Lakes state—Michigan has had other suspicious disappearances of young people lately.

For instance Jeffrey Woodruff, 25, mysteriously went missing from Saugatuck this past spring only to be found drowned in the Kalamazoo River a few days later. And Jessica Heeringa, 26, still remains unaccounted for after being abducted from her workplace in Norton Shores one April evening.

As with the case of Patrick’s recent vanishing, security cameras were in abundance in both locations where Woodruff and Heeringa were each last sighted, but these also inexplicably failed…

Teleka Patrick is an African-American female, approximately 5-foot-7 and 160 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. She was last spotted at the exact same Kalamazoo medical center that 31-year-old outpatient Shay Lynn Eisenhardt disappeared from in 2003.

Eisenhardt’s skeletal remains were discovered in a wooded area not far from those hospital grounds almost three years later.

Anyone with information as to what may have happened to Dr. Patrick and/or her current whereabouts is urged to call the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department at 269-383-8748 or Silent Observer at 269-343-2100.


Patrick’s image courtesy Find Teleka facebook group / Eisenhardt’s image via police handout

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