Drake Almost Died, Now In Need of A ‘Grilled Cheese’

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Drake had one heck of a reason for making fans wait hours for him to arrive at the Sundance Festival — he almost died.

The Young Money rapper, who been the subject of a beef with fellow rapper Common, said that he almost lost his life “six times” on the way to show. Seriously? Six times? That’s really pushing his luck!

“I almost lost my life six times to get to this mother[bleeper],” Drake said. “My flight was delayed six hours. I was on the curviest roads of my life!”

Apparently, he was referencing the winter storm that hit Park City, Utah, where the Sundance festival is held.

When he finally got on stage — just past 1 A.M. Drake sang (sorry, rapped) through a few songs before saying “I need a massage and a grilled cheese.”

Should he really be thinking about getting a massage when he just made fans wait hours upon hours for him to arrive?

Hopefully, Drake got his needs met after the show!

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