Drake Gets Punk’d by Ashton Kucher before MTV Movie Awards 2012 Show

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Rap star Drake got his spot on “Punk’d” earlier on Sunday night, thanks to Ashton Kutcher and crew. The Canadian rapper was seriously shaken up during a fake earthquake which was supposed to be a meeting with the Vice President.

2DopeBoyz.com has provided video footage of the prank, which was pulled off to near perfection on the rap star. Original host Ashton Kutcher was back in the control room to make sure it was all masterminded just as planned. For this prank, they had two actors playing secret service members driving an SUV with the rapper and his friend in the back seats. Drizzy believed he was going to a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden. However, things soon got shaken up.

A fake earthquake gets set off, sending Drake into a panic. From there, more hilarity ensues, as the secret service leave Drake and his friend in the car, and various people interact with the rapper. That includes a random man caught in the quake, as well as a husband and wife.

This was one of the funniest “Punk’d” episodes in a long time, thanks to the fact Ashton Kutcher was back to helm the project. When he showed up, he demanded they “up the ante” and make this bigger than previous episodes this new season. So they went after bigger stars, like Drake and Kim Kardashian. Great way to warm things up ahead of the MTV Movie Awards 2012 show!

Check out Drake getting Punk’d in the video here. Do you think this is one of the better pranks on the show in some time?

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