Drake vs. Common Beef Fueled by Pusha T on ‘Sweet’ Diss Track

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The Drake vs. Common beef has been among the recent hip hop feuds, thanks to some remarks in the latter rapper’s song “Sweet.” Recently, a new diss song was released by Pusha T called “Sweet,” which seems to add fuel to this hip hop fire and puts more pressue on Drizzy to respond on a record.

The Drake and Common feud was set off by Comm’s track on his new album, The Dreamer, The Believer. It features lines which seem to criticize Drake for being too soft in the game, and Common confirmed that it could be taken that way. It seems there’s at least one other hip hop star who agrees. Now, the hip hop website, Smoking Section, has an audio clip of Pusha T’s latest track, which aims straight for Aubrey “Graham” Drake. Among the lines that Pusha spits over the beat for Common’s song “Sweet,” are the following:

I hear ‘em whisper like a hummingbird sing
Of all the trust issues that 100 birds bring
Now the wolves out hunting for your bling
You out preyin’ on the b—hes with the lowest self-esteem
It’s a common running theme.

There’s some harsh words thrown Drake’s way with this one from Pusha T! However, to his credit, or discredit, Drake will be releasing a collaborative project with heavyweight rapper Rick Ross. Will Drake enlist Ross to help throw some disses back their way? It’s hard to say, because Rick Ross has worked with Pusha T on a song before, so he may not want to get involved in all this drama. Drake has others whom he could possibly get help from, but that may be the easy way out. Regardless, Drake needs to get busy with some hard diss tracks aimed back at his critics, so he won’t be considered so “sweet” by other rap stars!

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