Drake Vs. Common Beef Nothing More Than a Slick Publicity Stunt?

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Drake vs. Common is starting to become a little bit old after it became evident that Common was dissing Drizzy Drake to bring attention to his new album. Haven’t we heard this before?

Apparently, Common is getting up there in age but that isn’t stopping him from trying an old school trick that he has tried many times before.

See, when another rapper is more popular than Common, he tends to call them out on his newest album in an attempt to draw people’s attention to his music. He’s done it in the past with Nas, Ja Rule and Master P. And, yes, they’ve all gone into obscurity and Common hasn’t, but that doesn’t mean Drake will take the same route.

The Drake vs. Common beef has been so hyped up by the media that it’s gotten Common more publicity than he could have anticipated — plus an emotionally charged response from Drizzy Drake. But, are the hip hop veteran’s old tricks doing anything for album sales?


Apparently, even a diss at one of the hottest rappers in the game can’t save Common’s latest album from being DOA. It’s only poised to sell 60,000 copies in its first week whereas Drake’s latest album Take Care sold over 900,000 copies. Big difference.

So, Common can diss Drake all he wants, in the end, it seems the fans prefer the “singing” rappers anyway.

Who’s side are you on?

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