Drake Wants to Make Money off ‘YOLO’

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Drake wants you to cut the cheque.

The Young Money rapper who made a song on his second album called Take Care had a song named “The Motto” with Lil Wayne. The song went on to become a commercial hit and one of the biggest songs of the year. However, one line in the song in particular became more known than any other one, more specifically one word. There is a line in the song which goes, “You only live once, that’s the motto n*gga YOLO.”

Now Drizzy wants to cash in on his line and more specifically the catchphrase “YOLO.” On his Instagram, in which he goes by the name champagnepapi, he posted a picture of a Walgreens store which was selling hats with the words “YOLO” written across the top. Drake wrote on the caption of the picture “Walgreens….you gotta either chill or cut the cheque.” He did the same for Macy’s which was selling a YOLO shirt and said, “Macy’s…same goes for you.”

It’s unclear whether the catchphrase is trademarked by the rapper or not, but now would probably be a wise time for him to do it. However, it’s certainly interesting how quickly the phrase has caught on and become popular nowadays. How much money he could make off the phrase is unclear, but it’s surely something he should try and invest in as its popularity is growing daily.

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