Drama at the Oscars: Angelina Ignores Stacy Keibler

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Although the celebrities acted appropriately at the Oscars last night, it seems that there is some unspoken tension between Angelina Jolie and Stacy Keibler. Keibler, who was George Clooney’s date last night, acted calmly throughout the night and let Clooney shine on the red carpet, even though her dress made the best-dressed list. But it seems that Jolie has something against Keibler because she supposedly went out of her way to avoid running into Keibler on the red carpet.

“Angelina completely snubbed Stacy at the (show),” an inside source has told Wetpaint Entertainment. “Once again, she just didn’t acknowledge her.” And this isn’t the first time Jolie has ignored Keibler. She ignored her at the Palm Springs International Film Fest, when the two had to share a private plane with their partners, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, who are actually good friends.

While the tension between the women wasn’t noticed at the Oscars last night, people close to the couples knew about the drama and probably watched closely to see if the drama had fizzled. But it seems Angelina Jolie holds a grudge, because the women aren’t getting along. “As soon as she saw Stacy, she turned and actually walked in the other direction. The two women did not speak,” the inside source explains of Angelina’s actions when she saw Stacy behind the scenes at the show.

It isn’t really known what drama is going on between the women, but it is apparently enough for Angelina to avoid Stacy. Seriously, how can these two women just not get along considering they are the partners of George and Brad who are good friends? Given Stacy didn’t care too much about what Angelina was doing at the show, one has to wonder how Brad is dealing with an immature woman.

What do you think happened between these women?

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