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The doctor looked at me but didn’t say a word so I just launched in to my rehearsed diatribe.

You probably don’t remember me. My name is Miriam Chrysalis. You were the attending physician when my husband John was admitted to the emergency ward with pneumonia in the winter months. His name is John so you have a name to go by not just patient 102. While my spouse was under your care, you failed to adjust his Alzheimer’s medication and the Parkinson’s. As a result because he was not eating well the medications caused him to develop a bleeding ulcer. I know this because I got black blood spewed in my face. Do you even realize the effects this had on his Alzheimer’s? Any physical ailment or setback has a profound effect on a patient’s mental state especially since he was already mentally frail.

On top of the pneumonia john was suffering from this was the last thing he needed to deal with.

As a result of your neglectful and haphazard treatment I have decided to report you to the medical association for the province. I am not going after your licence this time but I am prepared to write a letter and request that you be barred from ever treating my husband again. Maybe this will stop your callous disregard for the people you treat. In my not-so-humble opinion, you have no business being a doctor as your actions have taken a huge toll on my husband’s overall health and my mental health. It’s not for me to judge what the O.M.A. will do to you. I have the back-up documentation from the doctor at his nursing home that you have messed up big time. From this I surmise that they may see that you are disciplined for your actions. Perhaps then you may see clear not to screw up another patient and their family. It has taken the last three weeks of him being back in his own bed at the home to get him a little bit better but he has a long road ahead of him thanks to you. Had John died, I would not be giving you this heads up. I would have gone straight to the highest court and see that you would lose your licence to practice medicine permanently and be reduced to slinging hash in some greasy diner. On top of everything else you have no bedside manner, and I found you grating and noncommunicative when I asked you what was going on. You have no respect as to patients’ rights to proper care and it’s time to learn some humility in this area.

I made the erroneous assumption that John would be in good hands here at the hospital; shame on me for that, but shame on you for what you neglected to do for him. If he has to be readmitted to this place you will not be treating him. I am even thinking on taking him somewhere else for proper care.

The doctor was sitting there not even blinking. He didn’t even say sorry. He seemed free of any remorse what so ever. With that I turned and walked out of the office.

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