Dreadful Long Awaited Call

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(Today, 12/18/13, is the 2nd anniversary of the death of my beloved Luvly Laura. I wrote this about noon. It describes my life from about midnight last night until about ten-thirty this morning.)


Dreadful Long Awaited Call

by R C Larlham

I waited for that call

To come again today –

Heart filled with dread and

Fear of devastating truth

And pain.

Time came by and slowed

For me at oh nine-thirty

And for a hundred ticks

I sat alone and waited for

Your death.

Two years today it’s been

And yet I wait because

I know this is the day

And time of termination of
My world.

My heart awaits your death

Again as once it beat for just

Your smile and the softest

Touch to say I was the one

You loved.

I knew it would not come

For me, that news again that

Said you were forever gone

To play among the stars, but

I’m alone.

And now the hour is gone

They haven’t called, for

They would not – that time

Is long over… they have

Moved on.

As must I, or slowly sink

Into some hell of pity for

Myself. And so next year

I won’t that dreadful call



Again, but let you be about

It – be yourself in whatever it was

You had to go to find. My love

Was ever only strong enough to

Bind me.


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