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While lying in your bed at night

and knowing you are asleep

after praying to the lord above

that if you die, your soul he’ll keep


Have you even taken a trip to somewhere

unknown to you before

A far off land of mystery and wonder

it warms you to the core


Well, I have gone there often

Almost every night

As soon as I close my eyes

I begin to board a flight


The space ship is wafting upwards

just gliding softly on the breeze

I look down and see to my delight

the disappearing trees


I know that soon we will be landing

In a place well known to me

Because I am the queen of the dandelion moon

and I hold a dream degree


Now I am not alone up there

not by any kind of chance

I have lots of friends with me

we all sing, and sometimes dance


Dandelions are all growing

and the lovely goldenrod

Seeds keep on resowing

Be careful where you trod


Because whenever I am tired

and want to get away

I am glad I got this dream degree

it is worth more than I can say


I got the degree from a college

yes, not just any normal one

it is from the Book of Knowledge

so join me, we’ll have fun

Sleepy, All Aboard




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