Drew Barrymore Actually Getting Married, Again?

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Is Drew Barrymore considering getting married, yet again? Rumors have been swirling about Drew wanting to hurry up and marry her current boyfriend and have children. Is Drew trying to rush things?

Look, Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman have been dating for less than a year. Drew has a history of failed marriages, so there are serious questions whether this may be the right guy.

Some would say, “If you know, you know,” while others might put up giant red flags. Of course, the only one who really knows where the relationship is headed is Kopelman, himself.

Then there is the dreaded “unnamed source” close to Will Kopelman who has this to say about where the relationship is going from here:

[Will is ready to] pop the question around the one-year mark of their dating.

He’s madly in love and knows she’s “The One.”

One year would be right around New Year’s. True, Drew Barrymore isn’t getting any younger, and if she wants to have children, she clearly has to hear the clock ticking. The question now is pretty simple: Is Will Mr. Right, or will Drew end up heartbroken and single yet again?

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