Drew Barrymore Debuts as a Redhead

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Drew Barrymore is known for her spontaneity, taking on a wide variety of movie roles (did anyone else think she should play parts like she did in Going the Distance more often?) and dating a bevy of boyish bachelors, but that spontaneity isn’t limited to only her romantic and professional lives! As such, the veteran actress doesn’t stick to one hairdo or hair color for too long, opting to change her look as the mood suits her.

Case in point: Barrymore premiered a new ‘do for a book launch party in West Hollywood Wednesday night, ditching her previously two-toned locks for a warmer, reddish hue. While she looked fabulous, glowing with not only the new hue of her hair but also with the fresh face of newly found love, the reddish-auburn tone provokes thoughts of a different season, like fall or winter, does it not?

Drew Barrymore 2 by David Shankbone

Despite this, the hair color suits Drew Barrymore well, don’t you think? Or did you prefer her as a blonde or with a darker ‘do?


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