Drew Barrymore Has A New Daughter

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Actress Drew Barrymore is a mother. She’s continued the proud Barrymore family line as mama of a new baby girl — Olive Barrymore Kopelman.

While it’s obviously too soon to say if little Olive will go into the family business, there’s little doubt she’ll be cute enough to follow in her mom’s footsteps. Drew caught everyone’s attention back in 1982 when she starred as the adorable Gertie in Steven Spielberg’s classic, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.

While Drew went on to experience some major growing pains, experimenting with sex, drugs and alcohol, she eventually got her act back together. Then, she made a new name for herself in the acting industry. Although she hasn’t had a major movie in a while, no one should count Drew out as of yet. The Barrymore clan is nothing if not survivors.

The Kopelmans announced their daughter’s September 26th birth with a polite request. “Thank you for respecting our privacy during this most special time in our lives.”

Oddly, Barrymore never officially confirmed her pregnancy. She did, however, make references to wanting children. She told one magazine, “I can’t wait until I have my children. I just want to build…great things for my family.”

Although the pregnancy wasn’t confirmed, people in and out of the entertainment industry, knew or suspected it. Drew glowed with the kind of beauty that is usually reserved for pregnant women. Still, it seems fitting that Drew Barrymore, once such a public person, should keep the most important things in her life private. That included her marriage to Kopelman and now baby Olive.

Congratulations to Drew and family!

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