Drew Barrymore plans to direct film

Drew Barrymore is set to direct her second film, this time, a romantic comedy called How to be Single. The actress previously directed Whip It, which was a success in 2009, and she is getting the “director’s itch” once more.

According to YahDrew Barrymore headshot by David Shankboneoo! News, How to be Single is based on a book released in 2008. It “explores the loves, lives and break-ups of a group of New Yorkers over the course of ten years.” It sounds very much like a condensed version of Sex and the City but if done right, it could be a huge success.

Barrymore is pretty likable and she really seems to be diving in to these new projects. She already has proven her acting chops and she is just having fun being behind the camera once in a while. It doesn’t seem like she would give up her passion to become a full time director, but it’s great that she is experimenting. It’s much better than trying to move in to a music career!

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