Drew Rynieswicz Sings Coldplay on ‘X Factor’ USA Top 11

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Wednesday, Drew Ryniewicz took on a Coldplay song to the X Factor stage for the right to make it to the top 10 next week on the TV talent show that pays the winner a whopping five million bucks.

So was this soloist good enough for the big prize?

Hard to say. Drew is one of the girls being coached by judge Simon Cowell, and so far, has really been called out as a frontrunner. Although Ryniewicz has dropped her surname for the sake of her performances on the X Factor, this young woman still has a following who knew her when she went by two names instead of one.

In any case, on X Factor for the final 11, Drew took part in an evening of movie songs, and the film from which her selection called “Fix You” came is You, Me and Dupree. Although this romcom doesn’t seem to merit a haunting ballad at first blush, when performed by such a subtle crooner as Drew you can understand how the tune fits into the equation.

And so all was well when Drew showed up on stage wearing what looked like a loopy prom dress. In fact, she stood in the spotlight effecting the image of a teenager looking for love, her haunting tone star-worthy. The vocals were extremely lyrical as she took on the Coldplay anthem.

So what did the X Factor judges think of Drew Ryniewicz as she sang in the top 11 this week?

LA Reid wasn’t thrilled, spouting off about how her performances seem to all be offered in the same style.

Meanwhile, Paula Abdul was all about how “honest” each of Drew’s performances are, and how she loves the consistency. Paula said Drew gives an honest performance every week, but the older singer and dancer who acts as a judge on this Fox show didn’t stop there. Instead, she made a comment about the above mentioned dress that Ryniewicz was wearing during her act. In fact, she stressed how this look was not flattering and that she should stay away from taking fashion advice from mentor Simon Cowell.

Well, that turned out to be a major Abdul faux pas since Drew herself designed her X Factor dress for this final 11 performance. Talk about egg on your face, Abdul. Better stick to critiquing singing not sartorial statements.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell was very proud of his girl and thought her approach was just fine the way it was, keeping his running jabs at LA Reid going with that thought.

And so, with that said, what do you think of the outfit and song that came from Drew Rynieswicz? Do you think her cover of a Coldplay song on X Factor USA for the top 11 will take her to the top 10? Thoughts? Thanks.

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