Drink Chocolate Milk After You Exercise

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I just read that the American College of Sports Medicine is “giving permission” to drink chocolate milk.  Apparently drinking chocolate milk after a workout is actually good for you. It helps with rebuilding your muscles, more so than a drink such as Gatorade would.

This is pretty awesome news to me. My husband always drinks protein shakes after he works out, and I have tried them and they disgust me. I have been planning to start exercising once our schedule calms down a bit, and I have been worried that if I didn’t force the protein shakes down afterwards, that I wouldn’t be helping my muscles. Now I have a way to rebuild my muscles, and enjoy doing it.

It also seems like a good excuse for chocolate lovers to have a glass after a workout, instead of banning chocolate from their diets. I am going to be looking more into this as to find out what it is about the chocolate with the milk that gives this effect, as opposed to just plain milk, or just plain chocolate.

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