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Another in my Thanksgiving sequence of drabbles – http://www.sheiladeethdrabbles.blogspot.com. Thanks for the inspiration Susan.


Windows were parchment and linseed, walls wattle and daub, and roofs made of reeds, not really home. Resolve faltered as wide stockades dripped sap, tree-bark peeled back, and cannon stood on guard upon the hill. Men guarded too, the ones that weren’t already starved and gone. Cold breezes dripped, war sipping on the wind.


The steady drip of fear led to despair, and dripping hunger to their flight elsewhere. The ice dripped too. But drips of lies from scheming spies brought threats to cruel truth.


Dark epigraph on Indian knife was just a woman’s face; eyes dripping blood and tears.


Wituwamut had a knife with a man’s face at home. He’d used it to kill before, and he threatened the two knives were destined to marry, but Standish killed him with his own blade. I guess that makes my epigraph a quote from Nathanial Philbrick’s Mayflower.

Prompts for November 25th Wednesday Writing Essentials, due by December 1st:

  • Pick a word and use it in as many positions/parts of speech as possible.   That is, use the same word as a noun, adjective, verb, etc.
  • Include an epigraph.  You may make up your own or quote, with reference, someone else.
  • A sound that repeats needs to be used such as a knock on the door, a bell ringing, someone tapping a cane, etc.
  • Use the words window and falter.
  • tag with wwe

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