“Driving” (GWWE)

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“Driving” (GWWE)

“Do you know why I pulled you over?”

Her blue eyes widen. “Uh, no, Sir.”

“You were speeding.”

“Speeding?” she repeats. “Really? I-I-I doubt that. I was traveling in this big line of traffic, just trying to get home after my son’s ball game.” She gestures toward the backseat and smiles.

“Hmm,” I say, not really caring if she was driving from her son’s funeral.  The law is the law is the law is the law. “Driver’s license and proof of insurance?”

She hands me the items–complete with a smile.

I eye the insurance card and return it to her “This one’s expired.”

“Oops…sorry.” She fumbles through her glove box and hands me the current copy.

Then I examine the license: Kentucky. I look at her, then back at the picture again. Not a bad photo. “You live in Minnesota?

“Yeah, we just moved here from Kentucky.”

Her little leaguer pipes up. “Uh, not ‘just moved here.’ It’s been like a year, Mom.”

“Well,” she begins with a winced smile. “We just built a house, officer. And uh, we were kind of back and for a while.”

“You have to get a license within 30 days.* You’ve lived here more than 30 days, right?”

“Yeah.” She looks up at me innocently. “Sorry I didn’t realize that—”

“Yeah, okay, well, I’ll be right back.” I head back to my car and run the check on the vehicle, then sink my teeth into a lukewarm cheeseburger. I finish it up and swipe the ketchup from my chin. Before I write up the ticket, I enjoy every ounce of the supersized strawberry milkshake.

I print the ticket and saunter back to her useless little SUV. I hand her the ticket. “Here you go, ma’am. You will notice that I did not give you a speeding ticket.”

“Thank you.” She says sweetly, letting her smile surface. “I really appreci—”

“But—I gave you a citation for failing to change your name and address in 30 days.**”

“Oh.” Her smile fades.

But I smile, gratuitously, and head back to the car, wondering how many times she has smiled her way out of a ticket. Well, not this time. The law is the law is the law…


*It’s actually 60 days. (The woman in the story received a corrected ticket in the mail.)

**A $185 fine

The woman in the story needs to go study for the Minnesota Driver’s Test now and cannot spend any more time on Gather. :)



This week I want your driving stories! (Nice lead-in huh?) Tell me about that harrowing incident…or about that wonderful thing that happened to you on the road. Make one up if you want to, but I am going to give you a few rules this time. (I know but I have to make this interesting!)

Rule #1: Be it prose or poem, it HAS to be about driving!

Rule #2: You need to write this from the OTHER DRIVER’S perspective.


Wow” you say… “Brian has rules”…well it won’t happen often so don’t get used to it! So remember that thing that happened while driving, think about what that other person was doing, feeling or thinking and give it your own personal style! Have it in by August the 3rd.


Now I don’t know if you all have noticed, but I have been having a wild time with the search function on Gather. SO I have devised an experiment. I want you to start using both of the suggested title and tag additions in the tag and the title. So for this one I want you to put “Driving” and “GWWE” in both the title and the tags. I want to see if it comes up better in the search when I go looking for it.


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