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This is the end of the week, and as usual, the fridge is half empty (or half full, depending on which side you are!) so I have to make my grocery shop.  We are Saturday and it is not a good day for shopping.  Too many people, too many bad drivers, too many queues, etc., but this did not stop me driving the 70 miles return journey to fill up my fridge-freezer full of good food for the stomach and spirit.

This Saturday the weather is a dull sky with some fine patches; the temperature is below normal for the season, and my optimistic frame of mind is a little bit morose. To cheer me up I decide to take with me some CDs of classical music, and I opt for Mozart.

On the way to Inverness (the capital of the Highlands) from Fort Augustus, a variety of landscapes can be seen. “La-la-la” I follow the music. I begin to feel better. Because I am not in a hurry, I watch what the nature is offering to me through the windows of the car while I am driving. On one side is the famous Loch Ness, on the other side hills with bright wild pink rhododendrons, forests and waterfalls.  La-la-la, I follow again the music. I feel much better.

Blue sky and a little bit of sun, and further down to the loch, like a hurricane, the sky becomes dark! Loch Ness is now grey, like the sky.  I stop the car at a lay-by to breathe in and smell the humid trees and bracken, to hear the flow of the small waterfalls coming down from the rocks, to embrace the nature and to enjoy it.

The trees are of different greens, and now the rain is coming. Today the mountains are of a green-grey colour and dark brown to black, streaming of water and howling wind. La-la-la.  I feel a little bit wet and cold. My eyes are still watching the nature and the music is so sympathetic, appealing and I am in complete accord with the nature and the music. La-la-la

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