Drizzy Drake An Illuminati Member?! Do Photos Link Him To Secret Society?

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Drizzy Drake just might be a member of the Illuminati. The Canadian-born Young Money rapper has reportedly joined Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West and others as a member of the world’s most super secret society.

A new report is claiming that Drizzy is definitely a member now because he was photographed wearing the symbol of the Masons around his neck.

Wait a minute, the Masons and the Illuminati are two different organizations, so what makes Media Take Out think that Drizzy is a part of the Illuminati?

Sometimes the thought process behind the “most visited urban website in the world” is baffling.

If Drake is wearing a necklace with the Masonic symbol on it, then maybe he is a Mason — anyone can join that group. After years of secrecy, the Masons have begun recruiting men because their membership is down. In years past, you had to know one to be one, but now any man interested in joining can. So who’s to say Drizzy Drake wasn’t interested?

Though it might be something Drizzy wants to do in his spare time, the photo that MTO has on their site is too grainy to actually see if it is a Masonic symbol so there is no confirmation that he is a member. Plus, if the necklace does have the symbol on it then it’s very possible he could have just bought it off of someone who passed away too.

So all is all there is no proof that Drake is a member of the Illuminati or the Masons.

Are you relieved to hear that?

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