“Drop Dead Diva” – Ding Dong, The Witch Is Gone

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If you have not watched “Freak Show”, the third episode of Drop Dead Diva, read no further. Spoilers ahead.

Jane (Brooke Elliott) is hurt when Stacy (April Bowlby) and Nikki (Kim Kardashian) go to Grayson (Jackson Hurst) for help with their pakery (pie cakes). Jane offers to help with the legal work, and while Stacy seems sorry, Nikki steamrollers over her to tell Jane that since she didn’t believe in them, they decided to go elsewhere. It’s hard to tell if it’s the way Nikki is written or if Kardashian is really just that annoying.

Kim Kardashian and April Bowlby holding coffee mugs

Meanwhile, Kim is surprised when Owen (Lex Medlin) comes in with his sister Olivia (Emily Rutherford). Olivia’s husband, Brian (Michael Daniel Cassady) wants a divorce. Kim asks why they didn’t go to Jane, but Owen simply says that Olivia would be more comfortable with Kim (turns out Olivia holds a grudge against Jane from when Jane broke her best friend’s heart in college).

Brian is going public with a Suri-like program, Eve. The problem is that they have a prenuptial agreement that would cap her settlement at $10,000. The only way to get around the prenup is if Brian was cheating. He wasn’t. Owen wants Kim to argue that Brian was cheating with Eve. Kim looks disbelieving, but Parker (Josh Stamberg) comes in to say that of course they will. Kim looks less than pleased with Parker.

Grayson tells Jane that in his preliminary work to get Stacy set up with her pakery, he discovered that Nikki has been arrested and has at least three aliases. He’s concerned. Jane says she’ll talk to her.

Jane rushes home and starts talking to Stacy, who is hidden behind the kitchen counter. Can you guess where this is going? Just as Jane starts to tell Stacy that there is something she needs to know about Nikki, Nikki pops her head up and asks what it is she wants to say.

Jane confronts Nikki and Nikki storms out. Jane does not call Stacy to tell her the news, and of course Nikki gets to her first. So Stacy comes storming home while Jane is attempting a get to know you, please forgive me for whatever it was that Jane Jane, as opposed to Deb Jane, did, dinner with Owen and Olivia (Olivia does agree to get to know Jane so the dinner worked).

Stacy is furious with Jane. Nikki was arrested for speeding when she was running away from an abusive ex, who is also the reason for the numerous aliases. Now that Jane has done this, she might have to run again.

Parker and Kim are getting nowhere with the affair with Eve argument. Brian’s attorney successfully argues that since he has never taken Eve out to dinner or bought her a pair of shoes. Just because she is the first and last “person” he talks to, doesn’t mean it’s an affair. He’s just a workaholic. As much as spouses everywhere might sympathize with the idea of work as mistress, legally speaking? This is a no go.

Kim talks with Olivia to see if she was maybe impaired when she signed the prenup, either from alcohol or drugs or (said slightly desperately) suffering from a lack of sex. Olivia denies that all, but does say that she has been going slightly crazy in the last year since they haven’t made love in nearly a year.

Kim tells Parker that Brian is a young guy and no way is he not getting sex somewhere. As Freud said, “[l]ove and work…work and love, that’s all there is.” He must be trying impress someone, right? She’s done a bit of digging and Eve is modeled on a real woman. Brian was very involved in the process. Very.

Kim and Parker meet the model. Turns out that she was taking a yoga class a while back when she noticed Brian pressing his nose against the window. She was grossed out, but she was flattered when he asked her if she was a model. Brian has never so much as flirted with her. Parker looks more and more depressed as they talk, but Kim starts asking questions and it becomes clear that while the image is the model’s, none of Eve’s information, from birth date to resume (yes, she has one), match. All that is Olivia’s.

In court, they argue that Brian has used Olivia’s image without permission, and when his lawyer argues that Olivia looks nothing like Eve, they counter with the Vanna White judgement against Samsung America when Samsung used a robot to turn letters over in a commercial. White successfully argued that even though her likeness was not used, everything else was her. Since they are so close to launching Eve, there is no time to change it without costing a lot of money. The final result is that Olivia will be collecting 50% of profits generated by Eve.

And now for some really good news: Drop Dead Diva said goodbye to Nikki last night. Stacy comes to Jane crying because it turns out that Nikki was working a con. She called Stacy to say that she had found a space and she needed to close the deal immediately. Stacy had a cashier’s check with her entire savings drawn and handed it over. She was supposed to meet Nikki at the store, but the location doesn’t exist. Jane tries to suggest that maybe she wrote it down wrong, but no. She tried to stop the check, but it had already been cashed. Stacy is despondent.

Jane asks Stacy if she could partner with her. Stacy thinks she’s just being nice, but Jane tells her that she always believed in her; she just wanted her to slow down. The BFFs are back on even footing and Nikki is gone (yay!).

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