‘Drop Dead Diva': Parker meets Kim’s dad

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Although, Jane and Grayson were totally tied up with the kidnapping that sort of wasn’t one, Drop Dead Diva had more than that going on last night.

Parker (Josh Stamberg) calls Kim (Kate Levering) into his office. It was weirdly like being called into the principal’s office because the sole purpose was to tell Kim to call her dad (John Ratzenberger—as Jackson Hurst tweeted, Cliff!). He hands her the address and tells her to go see him. He’s living in Bel Air.

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Kim is somewhat surprised by the news (okay, a lot surprised), because he only ever gets in touch with her because he needs money so an address in that tony address is not what she was expecting. When she arrives at the mansion, she asks him how he’s living there since he’s a janitor. He corrects her, he’s been laid off/retired, so actually he’s unemployed.

Kim’s dad was laid off and when he went to collect his pension, it turned out that his employer had not funded his pension. So he sued. And won $36,000. And then lost when the company declared bankruptcy. All this makes Kim nervous. Whose house is this exactly?

Turns out it’s one of eleven the CEO owns. He was asked to clean up after a party a month ago and has stayed. He figures that at $11,000 a month, he’s owed a few months rent here. Kim asks if the CEO (James Martin Kelly) knows he’s here, and apparently a neighbor finally noticed and called him up. He demanded he leave, but, um, he said no.

Which is right about when the CEO shows up with the police in tow. Kaswell tells the police he’s staying here and offers his license, which he’s changed to reflect this address. Kim is floored, but quickly offers that her dad is a tenant and cannot be evicted so arbitrarily. The CEO is beside himself and generally behaves like a jerk towards the police. They don’t like him and use Kim’s argument as cover and leave.

The CEO takes Kim’s dad to court of course, and Owen (Lex Medlin) is the presiding judge. He’s clearly sympathetic to Kaswell, but there’s not really much he can do until Parker comes in and offers that Kaswell is in the house as collateral against his judgment. The CEO’s lawyer is beside himself. He offers that the judgment is against the company and not his client, but Kim and Parker allege that Rollins is a rogue CEO, who does what he wants regardless of board approval, and is therefore a stand in for the company. Owen is intrigued and tells them they have the next day to depose the board. Rollins looks smug and tells his lawyer to let it rest. He does, but demands that when the depositions prove fruitless, they demand attorneys’ fees and so forth.

Kim asks Parker what happened when he found Elisa and their son. It turns out that he wasn’t able to find them. The next day, the depositions are going nowhere. Really nowhere. They are all in lockstep. It’s pretty clear that the CEO has the board in his grip, but there’s nothing they can do. Parker tells Kim it’s okay, but she is horrified by how much the firm will wind up having to pay out to Rollins.

She goes to the restroom to compose herself. Once there she looks in the mirror and then moves to wash her hands. She stops, looks at the very distinctive black faucet with red trim and smiles.

The next day, Rollins is on the stand. Kim shows him a photo of the faucet and notes that the faucet costs $900 and that they are in 6 bathrooms at the company. She also notes that the same faucet is in his Bel Air home. Rollins is very dismissive. He likes the faucet. So what? Kim offers into evidence a bill that shows the company was billed for 12 faucets. She also shows that Rollins billed the company for Italianate marble that is in a number of his homes. The lawyer objects that this is civil court, and she agrees, pointing to a federal prosecutor who is sitting in on the proceedings.

So Rollins is charged and all his assets seized. Kaswell is going to get his money from the seizure, along with a whole bunch of other creditors. He thanks Kim and Parker and asks how long they’ve been seeing each other. Kim protests that they are not. Her dad clearly doesn’t believe her and asks when he’s going to get to walk her down the aisle. Perhaps Drop Dead Diva will bring Ratzenberger back to do just that?

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