“Drop Dead Diva” Recap – Where’s Owen?

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Fair warning: Spoilers lie ahead if you have not watched “Rigged”. You’ve been warned.

Viewers were left wondering about the status of Jane (Brooke Elliott) and Owen’s engagement at the end of “Rigged” when Drop Dead Diva ended the episode with Jane seeking solace in Gray’s arms after finding out that Owen (Lex Medlin) lied to her.

Brooke Elliott and Lex Medlin on Drop Dead Diva

The episode started with Jane wondering where Owen was. Actually, the entire episode was peppered with Jane checking her phone and talking to everyone about his absence and wondering why he hadn’t called, texted or emailed her after he supposedly left town to visit an injured friend from college. In fact, she was so distracted that Gray (Jackson Hurst) even called her on it while they were working on the case of the week, a widow suing her deceased husband’s employer.

Being a good friend (and a bit of a nosy parker), Teri decided to track Owen down when she was home for a bit because of some in-house spy catching, and what she found made Jane immediately thinking she’d been left in Dumpsville. His friend had not been in an accident. He was not in the hospital. Owen was not with him. Jane took that to mean that Owen must have left her.

So is that it? Is he really gone? Ehh. Probably not.

Broadway World has a piece about the return of Jane’s mom (Faith Prince). First she’ll be in next week’s episode, guilting her child into taking on a client, and then in the season finale – where she’ll be helping her daughter with her wedding.

As Drop Dead Diva tends to not have much time-lapse between episodes, it seems unlikely that the groom is anyone but Owen, but does this mean that wedding bells will actually ring? Ehh.

Do you really think that the show thinks the end game is Jane and Owen? The photo above is from the last episode of last season. There are none on the site from this season. Although, somewhat weirdly, there don’t seem to be any photos from “Happily Ever After”.

What do you think? Owen or Gray? Whom do you prefer? And have you started to warm up to Luke (Carter MacIntyre) yet?

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