‘Drop Dead Diva’ says goodbye for now to Fred

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Warning! There are some season 4 spoilers ahead. Stop reading if you want to avoid them.

Drop Dead Diva opened its fourth season with a lot of changes. Jane is in a full on, seemingly committed relationship with Owen. You might remember that he told her at the end of last season that basically he wanted to dream new dreams with her. After making partner at the end of last season, Kim is busy trying to keep the firm afloat because it turns out that it is struggling financially. Welcome to partnership, Kim.

Drop Dead DivaGrayson struggled with the idea that maybe Jane really is Deb. Stacy tried to convince him that she just meant that Jane was like Deb, but once he started thinking about it, he could not stop. Possibly because he really has come to care for Jane. Enough so that when he realized Jane was coming back, he went to the airport to meet her, clutching a bouquet of flowers. By the end of the episode, he seems completely convinced that Jane is Deb. It remains to be seen whether or not Stacy can talk him out of it, or if she’ll even try.

And then there’s Fred (Ben Feldman). Stacy started the episode worrying about whether or not Jane had seen Grayson kiss her, and wondering where Fred was. With Jane’s return, she got her answer. Jane accepted that Grayson had done the kissing, but Fred is in a different place.

Last season ended with Fred finding Jane at the airport and telling her that he was going to propose to Stacy. She told him that she had seen Grayson and Stacy kissing, and since Fred has always thought Stacy was out of his reach, it sent him on a tailspin.

He decided he needed to go to Iowa. Why Iowa? Why not. So he bought a ticket, but his key chain set off the metal detector and the next thing you know, he was being patted down by Ally, his now new girlfriend. At least, that’s what Fred says when he shows up at Jane and Stacy’s door, Ally in tow.

This set a chain of events in effect that started with Stacy seeking advice from Kim Kardashian and ended with Stacy telling Fred she was ready to move on, prompting Fred to tell Stacy everything. Stacy was thrilled to realize that she would not have to hide Jane/Deb from Fred at least, only angel rules state that once an angel is outed, he has to leave, and all memories of him are wiped from the human in question.

All of this led to Fred, and thus Ben Feldman exiting the show at the end of the season opener with a new guardian angel taking his place (Carter McIntyre). You might be wondering if that’s it for Fred and Feldman, and according to Drop Dead Diva show runner Josh Berman, it is. At least for now. He will be back, in some form or another, Berman promises (The Hollywood Reporter). Will you miss Fred? Are you willing to give Luke a chance? Or is his seeming arrogance rubbing you the wrong way after the sweet awkwardness of Fred?

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