‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 4, Episode 10 – ‘Lady Parts’ recap

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Drop Dead Diva starts off the week as so many episodes do with Jane (Brooke Elliott) in bed, although this time, Owen’s (Lex Medlin) there beside her. Jane is apparently not as at ease with Owen’s heart condition as she told him last episode since she has a compact up to his sleeping face to check that he’s still breathing. When he wakes up and wants to start off the morning with a bit of…exercise, Jane jumps out of bed. She confides in Stacey (April Bowlby) that she’s nervous about it. She also tells Stacey that she is going to meet Bobbie (Sharon Lawrence), Deb’s mom, at her new studio.

When Jane gets there, she’s touched to see that it’s named Little Deb’s, but while she waits for Bobbie, she starts to remember being in the studio as a child (Maddie Ziegler—apparently a child from Lifetime’s Dance Moms) and how tough Bobbie was. Bobbie tells Jane that she’s being sued by a former student, Keira (Skylar Nicholson), because of an injury in class that has made it impossible for her to really dance again. Jane agrees to represent Bobbie even though the case is due to go to trial the next day. She tells Bobbie that she’s lucky Keira isn’t suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress since that would not be covered by insurance.

Jane tries to have a settlement conference with Megan (Alex Kapp Horner), Keira’s mother and her attorney (Enver Gjokaj). The talks go nowhere and Jane does not love Simon (Currie Graham), the insurance attorney. Megan is overbearing, as Jane learns when she sees her berating Keira about her upcoming testimony.

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In court, Keira testifies that she didn’t feel well, and told Bobbie that, but that she forced her to do a difficult dance move, and that she heard a snap. The snap was her ankle. She will never be able to dance on Broadway like she dreamed. She thinks she had a shot since she has already won a National title. Bobbie is upset that Jane didn’t object since Keira never told her she felt ill, but Jane tells her that she’ll get a chance to testify to that herself.

The plaintiff calls Abby Lee Miller (also of Dance Moms) to provide expert testimony and shows her clips of Bobbie teaching. She offers that Bobbie is a terrible teacher that intimidates her students. Jane tries to show that Miller doesn’t coddle her own students but Miller is quick to note that she has never had a student get an injury like the one Keira suffered.

Bobbie’s case is not helped when the plaintiff offers a recording of the 911 call where Keira can be heard saying it’s all Bobbie’s fault and Bobbie can be overheard apologizing. Bobbie tells Jane she was trying to comfort Keira, not that she felt she was at fault. But with everything, Jane tells Bobbie she should settle. During the settlement conference, Simon mentions lost future earnings, and Bobbie loses it. She says Keira would never have had a career as a dancer. Megan storms out. Jane is furious with Simon, but it soon becomes clear why he would have done that.

Bobbie fires Jane because Megan sues for intentional infliction of emotional distress. She hires Parker (Josh Stamberg) instead. The insurance company settles with Megan for $15,000. Considering it’s a million dollar claim, Simon is happy. Jane is not. Especially when she goes into court as Stacey is called to the stand to testify as to Deb’s relationship with Bobbie. It doesn’t look good.

Jane pores over the file, and realizes that the ambulance arrived within minutes of the call, and wonders how it was so fast. It turns out that they were in the area because of another call, one involving a girl Keira’s age. Jane requests a meeting in chambers with the judge (S. Epatha Merkerson) and the plaintiff. She questions Keira about skateboarding. Megan is furious and thinks it’s ridiculous, but Keira apologizes to her and Bobbie. She injured herself skateboarding. She has never loved dance the way Megan does. The case is dropped. Oh, and the insurance company fires Simon when they realize that Bobbie won and they paid out.

Throughout all this, Grayson has been helping out an old high school classmate, Fiona (Tamara Feldman). She’s an artist who was commissioned by the city for an installation that she delivered but which the city has not paid her for. When Grayson tries to get her paid, they tell him that she violated the contract because the sculpture is offensive. Basically, it’s a really big not very abstract vagina, and there have been complaints.

Kim (Kate Levering) second chairs and they win. It’s really fast. Owen is the presiding judge. The problem is that the city puts up scaffolding and indicates that they are going to alter the sculpture so it looks a butterfly or something. Grayson and Kim go to Jane’s to get Owen to sign an emergency injunction. Jane does not want them disturbing him, but he comes out and agrees to the injunction.

Grayson tries to keep the city from tampering with the sculpture, but the city shows that Fiona isn’t renowned enough as an artist to get special protection for her work. Kim gets Terri (Margaret Cho) to work on changing that which she does by chaining herself to the sculpture, bringing in the media. The installation is saved. Oh, and Grayson is moving on from Jane it seems. He goes on a date with Fiona.

Stacey thinks Luke (Carter MacIntyre) is going to ask her to a Nicki Minaj concert and is excited. Turns out that Luke is more interested in Kim. Stacey isn’t as disappointed as you might think. Do you think she is subconsciously missing Fred?

After Jane disrupts court (because Kim scares her into thinking Owen is ill), he confronts Jane’s crazy pantsiness and asks her to be calm.

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