‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 4, Episode 11 – ‘Family Matters’ recap

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Drop Dead Diva opens with Jane (Brooke Elliott) giving a press conference with Beth (Susan May Pratt), a friend of Owen’s, at her side. Jane is suing a rave promoter, Dennis (Justin Welborne), over the drug overdose of Beth’s 15-year-old daughter. Jenny went to a rave at a local stadium and is in a coma after overdosing on ecstasy. Jane’s argument is that the raves are actively promoted to minors, that they do nothing to stop drug sales and use, and that they do nothing to provide medical care for those who overdose. It seems like a reach, but Jane has emotion and the support of local city councilman Mark Phillips (Jon Briddell) on her side.

Meanwhile, the new dynamic duo of Kim (Kate Levering) and Grayson (Jackson Hurst) team up again to help Dan (Tyler Jacob Moore—last seen on GCB), a man who donated sperm to his friend Carrie. He has maintained a relationship with Charlie, but Carrie is engaged now and her fiancé Rick (Kenneth Mitchell—Susan May Pratt’s real life spouse) not only wants to adopt Charlie, he wants to strip Dan of his parental rights. Dan wants to maintain his relationship with Charlie. At first blush, no problem, right? The fiancé is an attorney though, and he’s determined to get Dan out of their lives.

Jane goes home to change shoes. Stacey (April Bowlby) has been stuffing and addressing wedding invitations (she is a very good friend), and she’s still waiting for Owen’s dad’s address. Jane admits that Owen (Lex Medlin) still hasn’t told her, when there is a knock at the door. Jane finds an envelope addressed to her and Owen. Stacey excitedly believes it must be a wedding present, but it’s actually a death threat against Owen.

Jane arranges for protection for Owen, but doesn’t tell him. She is very stressed. So when Dennis comes to the office with his lawyer (Kenny Alfonso), she has a panic attack. When Owen comes into her office saying he thinks he’s being followed, Jane comes clean and tells him that maybe she should withdraw as Beth’s counsel. Owen refuses to crumble, and won’t let Jane do it either. She calls Carla (Danielle Campbell), Jenny’s friend who went to the rave with her to the stand, but opposing counsel proves that Carla bought the ecstasy and want to drag her in as a co-defendant.

Jane and Owen discuss whether to go ahead even with Carla included as they are walking into the hospital. They stop when they find Beth in tears. Jenny died. Beth does not want to drag Carla into the case, but Carla goes to Jane and tells her that she wants her to go ahead with the case.

Jane and Owen investigate when Jenny’s autopsy reveals that she did not die from an overdose. She died from renal failure brought on by dehydration. It turns out that all 23 of the people treated after the rave were dehydrated. Jenny and Carla were on line to buy water when Jenny collapsed. All the water fountains were down for maintenance, forcing everyone to buy $10 bottles of water from ClearCalm. Jane and Owen discover that the councilman owns ClearCalm.

Jane calls Phillips to the stand and questions him about the company, and whether he ordered the stadium to shut off all the fountains. When the judge admonishes her for wild speculation, she reveals that a search warrant was executed for Phillips office and a photo of Owen was found on his computer in a deleted file.

Meanwhile, Kim and Grayson have a tough time with their paternity case. Scott first demands child support. Dan gladly offers it. Scott then calls in a complaint to the FDA and Dan is arrested for trafficking in human tissue. He has donated sperm to four other women. Dan doesn’t charge for his sperm, and he only gave it to friends of Carrie’s. He does not have a relationship with any of the other children. Kim goes to the official in charge with a list of web sites that offer sperm. If they won’t drop the charges against Dan, she demands that all the people on the list be prosecuted as well. The charges are dropped.

When Dan is released, the LAPD shows up to arrest him. Kim tells Grayson that she’s represented murderers who’ve had an easier time staying out of jail. Turns out Dan is gay, and it is illegal for gay men to donate sperm. Parker (Josh Stamberg) wants to know what is going on with the case. When she explains, he tells her that government shouldn’t have a say in how people choose to procreate. She does. She brings the four other mothers in to testify, and demands to know if the A.D.A. is going to question on the circumstances surrounding their pregnancies. Citing Griswold v. Connecticut, she argues that he can’t.

The judge buys Kim’s argument and drops all the charges against Dan. Carrie comes in as they are celebrating. She has been looking increasingly uncomfortable, and she tells Dan that she and Scott are taking a break. She wants him to be part of Charlie’s life.

In the more comedic storylines, Jane gets Teri (Margaret Cho) and Luke (Carter MacIntyre) to go to a caterer’s tasting. They screw up, and the caterer (Rob Ben-Israel) kicks them out. They go back to him to beg for a second chance. Luke tries to shame him into changing his mind, but in the end, Jane’s large non-refundable check wins the day.

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Also, Stacey tries to help out Jane by finding out what’s going on with Owen and his dad. She clumsily tries to get to the bottom of things. He tells her the Field of Dreams plot, and she totally blanks and accepts it as truth. Owen finally tells Jane that he and his dad quarreled over his dad’s third marriage. While she’s happy to know, she’s conflicted about not telling him about Deb.

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