‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 4, Episode 13 – ‘Jane’s Getting Married’ recap

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Drop Dead Diva opens its season finale with Jane and Stacey admiring her wedding gown. Jane goes into a complete panic when Owen (Lex Medlin) walks in and tries to hide all sight of the gown because it is bad luck. Owen wants to help out with the wedding, but Stacey and Jane really have everything covered already. Jane does tell him that she thinks it might be great if they wrote their own vows though, and he jumps at the chance to do something. Jane isn’t a bridezilla, but she’s maybe made Owen feel a bit left out of things.

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When Jane gets into the office she finds that Grayson (Jackson Hurst) with an old friend of his and Deb’s. She’s so happy to see Mark (Ethan Embry) that she hugs him and has missed him. He’s somewhat surprised since he’s never actually met Jane. She pretends Grayson told her about him. Grayson looks surprised, probably because he never did.

Mark wants help because Hannah (Brianna Brown) has a brain tumor and won’t get it removed because it’s pressing on something that’s made her smarter. The thing is that the tumor is killing her. Jane agrees to second chair and suggests that Mark have her declared incompetent. They meet with Hannah and she tells Mark that she not only doesn’t want the tumor removed, she wants a divorce.

Luke (Carter MacIntyre) walks into Parker’s office. Parker (Josh Stamberg) says he’s putting the bike together for his son. Luke is relieved that Kim finally told him. Parker has no idea what he’s talking about. Oops.

Jane’s mom Elaine (Faith Prince) shows up at the firm. Jane isn’t happy to see her and she’s surprisingly brusque with her. She palms her off on Luke who charms Elaine so much that she doesn’t really register how rude Jane is. It’s not unnoticed in heaven, however, by the real Jane who’s been watching everything. She is beside herself that Deb has taken over her life. This latest rudeness is the last straw. She’s going to do something about it. She goes to…customer service? And demands to be sent back to earth. The angel is having none of that. Jane is a little dour and self-important, but the angel points out that California law isn’t really applicable here.

Stacey goes to Kim’s office because she’s heard that Kim is representing singer Paige McBride (Chelsea Kane). She is super excited, but Kim (Kate Levering) ushers her out with only a quick intro to Paige as she pushes her out of her office. Paige’s new hit single “Who’s Broken Now” which is all about her relationship with her cheating ex, Chase (Jayson Blair) and how she wants to cut the brakes on his car. Problem is that someone has done just that. Chase is okay, but Paige might be in trouble. A super fan confesses, but the D.A. decides to prosecute Paige for soliciting the crime. The judge (Greg Germann) allows it to go forward. Back at the office, Parker tells Kim he knows, and tells her that he’ll be there for her. Kim tells him that he’s not the father.

Jane gets home to find Elaine there, and she’s rearranged the seating chart. Jane is livid. Elaine points out that she’s placed feuding cousins together, and brings out a family tiara. It’s beautiful, but Jane says that it doesn’t go with her gown. Elaine can’t understand what’s happening. Why she’s so different about this. She leaves, hurt and angry. When Jane confides this to Owen, he tells her that all brides argue with their mothers. Luke tells her that Elaine is refusing to go to the wedding, and tells her that she’s living in the past when Jane explains that she planned her wedding with Bobbie. Jane realizes she’s being crazy and taking it out on Elaine. They make up even after she explains how crazy she’s been and asks her to walk her down the aisle. Elaine agrees and tells her about her own craziness and a key party she attended, horrifying Jane.

Drop Dead Diva Season 4 Episode 13 Photos

Hannah is able to successfully argue that she should be allowed to live with the tumor, especially after she gets a doctor to testify that her tumor might not kill her in six months. Grayson and Jane go to see the doctor afterwards, and find papers on his desk that shock them. Jane snaps a photo and shows them to Hannah. The doctor lied about the six months. He’s already scheduled her autopsy so that he can study her brain. Hannah agrees to the surgery.

Meanwhile, crazy fan Joyce, (Kelly Osborn) testifies that she cut the brakes because she was inspired by Paige’s song. Chase sues for defamation. Stacey goes through Joyce’s Twitter feed and realizes that she couldn’t have done it because she was polishing Paige’s star around the time she said she was doing that. Looking at the reports, Kim realizes that Chase cut his own brakes to get money from Paige.

Drop Dead Diva Season 4 Episode 13 Photos

Elaine, Teri (Margaret Cho) and Stacey help Jane get ready and then go out, but when Jane goes to join them, her train gets stuck. Stacey tries to distract everyone by having Parker give a speech. He says he’s jealous that she gets to start a new life and family and it’s very sweet. When he sits down, Kim tells him she’s pregnant. He knows. She tells him he’s the father. He’s thrilled.

Grayson goes in to get Jane. Jane asks him how he moved on from Deb. He tells her he found someone else, and when pressed. He admits it’s Jane. She’s stunned. She grabs him and kisses him, which is of course when Owen walks in. He walks away and collapses.

Up in heaven, Jane finds Fred (Ben Feldman) and tricks him into telling her how Deb did it. Fred’s never leaving Heaven. Guess who she comes back as?

That’s it for Drop Dead Diva! What’d you think?

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