‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 4, Episode 2 ‘Home’ recap

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Drop Dead Diva starts the episode the day after the season premiere ended.

Grayson (Jackson Hurst) brings a new client in to see Jane (Brooke Elliott). Sam Forman (Jake T. Austin of Wizards of Waverly Place fame) is a computer prodigy. He is a video game programmer who wants to go to software developers convention in South America—he’s being honored. Problem? Dad says no. So Sam goes to Jane to sue his dad (Stephen Culp) for permission. He’s even done some legal research to start them off. Jane thinks bringing a suit is a bit much, so she suggests mediation. Sam agrees but leaves the research with them anyway for when the mediation fails. Turns out he’s right.

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Jane asks and dad says no. He’s a widower with two children who can’t take off work (he’s a police detective) to take his son to South America. Sam is fed up and says he wants to go forward with the suit. The thing is that legal precedent is against him, unless he sues for emancipation. Then he can go to South America or anywhere else for that matter.

As Jane and Grayson discuss whether it’s wise for Sam to be emancipated, Jane discovers that Grayson has a book on reincarnation. She asks him about it, and he tells her that he finds the idea reassuring. She is saved from telling him her thoughts when Teri comes in with startling news: Sam is really Adam Gates. He was kidnapped fifteen years ago.

Jane and Grayson go over with the police, and Forman is arrested. Sam and his nine-year-old sister are taken into protective services. Sam is horrified.

Forman asks to speak to Jane. He explains that fifteen years ago, he and his partner wound up at a drug den on a homicide. They found Sam/Adam in the garage. His mother had brought him there and then had forgotten him. He waited for someone to come and get him, but no one came. So he took him home, and he and his wife cleaned him up and waited. No one came; so they raised him themselves. He always knew this day would come, but what could he do?

Jane tells all of that to Sam. He wants Jane to represent his father. She interviews Forman’s old partner, but he won’t cooperate. She interviews Sam’s birth mother, Vicki Gates (Tamara Clatterbuck). She has no memory of that day. Jane basically suborns perjury, asking her if it’s possible she asked Forman to take care of Sam.

Jane is arrested for tampering with a witness and suborning perjury. Owen (Lex Medlin), he’s back on the bench, springs her when the charges are dropped because Vicki left town. No witness, no case. Turns out that Same went to Vicki and cut her a check.

Grayson offers that maybe they can argue that Vicki had cut her parental ties by abandoning Sam. The judge is clearly sympathetic but doesn’t really have a choice. Jane has a brainstorm and offers a statute of limitations argument. The A.D.A. objects since there is no statute of limitations on kidnapping (it’s a continuing crime), but Jane argues that there is one on prosecuting a kidnapping within one year of the report. She asks the courtroom if there are any sworn LAPD officers present who knew that Forman had taken Sam. Six officers stand. Then she asks if any are present who knew that Forman was raising Sam. They all stand.

Outside the courthouse, Sam thanks Jane. As Lily runs to Forman, Vicki walks up. She hands Sam his money. She doesn’t want it. She just wants him to be happy. She asks him to thank his father for her.

Throughout all this, Stacy (April Bowlby) bakes pie cakes (pakes) with Nikki (Kim Kardashian). She feels like something is missing from her life (Fred) but doesn’t know what, and so she baked what she thought was a bundt cake, but mixed it up with a pecan pie because the pages were stuck together. When Nikki came over to switch their phones back, they wind up baking all day. They also decide to go into business together. They ask Jane to invest $10,000. When she asks for their business plan, Nikki huffs and leaves. Nikki is super annoying. Is it Kardashian or the character? Perhaps it’s both?

Nikki and Stacy are now attached at the hip, though, and she convinces Stacy that they should invest their savings in the “pakery.” Luke (Carter MacIntyre) buys Jane’s home so that he can really be involved in all aspects of her life. She remains completely standoffish with him, but he finagles his way into Stacy’s good graces by offering to put in a convection oven (“just like Rachel Ray’s!”).

So he’s there when she tells Stacy that Grayson wants to celebrate and he wants to talk about something. Luke tells Jane she must say goodbye to Deb and Grayson. He reminds her of the last time she tried to tell him and he got hit by a car.

Grayson requests “Unchained Melody” because it always made Deb cry, but when Jane comes in, she tells him that she thinks the song and Ghost are really sappy. He’s thrown. He offers to get her a pomtini, but she asks for a pinot grigio instead. While he’s getting the wine, Owen walks up to the table. Jane (Luke) texted him to meet her. She’s weepy because this song always makes her cry. Grayson can’t see that, though, and all he can see is Owen being all lovey dovey with Jane. Josh Berman promised that Brooke Elliott and Jackson Hurst were awesome in the last three minutes. He did not lie.

Luke looks in approvingly and looking all sorts of stalkery. Drop Dead Diva shows that guardian angels have a lot in common with stalkers.

The episode was dedicated in loving memory of Judy Hurst, Jackson Hurst’s mom.

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