‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 4 Review

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The Drop Dead Diva season finale aired on Sunday with a wedding that wasn’t and a hugely surprising ending. Looking back, it’s difficult to believe that the season started with Jane (Brooke Elliott) so happy with Owen (Lex Medlin) that she was contemplating months of world travel without even a thought of work, but it did.

This season saw Fred (Ben Feldman) tell Stacey (April Bowlby) the truth about his angelness only to wipe her memory before leaving for good. It was lovely to see Fred, if only briefly, in the finale. Jane’s new guardian angel, Luke (Carter MacIntyre) brought an entirely new dynamic to the relationship. His relationship with her was not the mutually nurturing one Jane had enjoyed with Fred. In fact, when Luke told Jane/Deb that he believed in her and liked her in the finale, she was surprised, as he has seemed at times to view his role as almost entirely adversarial in nature.

Grayson (Jackson Hurst) finally admitted to Jane that she was the only one who could make him feel the way Deb did. Even more satisfying? It seems that he thinks of Jane as Jane and not as Deb (little does he know). Their kiss was sweet, if incredibly ill-timed. It’s impossible to know whether it would have ended with the kiss or if Jane would have jilted Owen at the altar because he walked in at exactly the wrong moment for his poor heart. The thing is that just as Jane has been there for Grayson, he’s really been there for her too, as in the time she thought Owen had dumped her without so much as a text goodbye.

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Stacey seems to have left acting/modeling behind in favor of life as a “paker”/business owner. She accidentally discovered a new dessert and after a slight setback when she was swindled by a professional con artist, Nikki (Kim Kardashian), she is in a really good place, financially, if not romantically. She’s made a lot of changes and for the most part, they’ve been for the good.

Teri (Margaret Cho) got to stretch her detective skills and developed a weird sort of partners-in-crime relationship with Luke. She maintained her slightly jealous one with Stacey, but it was partially through Teri that the Pakery got off to such a good start. Perhaps next season will offer more opportunities for Luke and Teri adventures. That might be fun.

Of all the characters, Parker (Josh Stamberg) probably underwent the most changes. He got to know his son, and realized that he had to take his son’s needs into account before his own. In short, he grew up. Just in time, because next season will see him and Kim (Kate Levering) learning to be a family now that they are expecting a child together.

But the biggest surprise of the finale definitely came in the last few moments of the episode. For the first time, Jane Jane – as opposed to Deb Jane – was introduced to the audience. She is bitter over dying and watching as Deb took over her life and career and car, without even getting a tune up, thank you very much! Being a clever, if seemingly (and understandably) humorless, woman, Jane2 tricked Fred into returning her to earth, and she did. Just in time to occupy Owen’s body when he had what looks to have been a fatal heart attack.

Will the wedding go on? Is Jane2 here to stay? Can Owen really be dead? How much havoc will Jane2 wreak, if she does stay? Will Stacey really give up acting for paking? Can Parker and Kim finally make their relationship work? Does this mean Luke is going to have to be human, the way Fred was for a time? And what is going to happen to Jane and Grayson? We’ll have to wait until the show returns with season 5 to find out.

If you are already going through Drop Dead Diva withdrawal, did you know that Luke recorded “Letters to Fred”? You can find the first one here:

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