‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 5, Episode 13 ‘Jane’s Secret Revealed’ recap – season finale

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The season finale of Drop Dead Diva opens where the last episode left off. Jane runs to the hospital and finds Elaine (Faith Prince) seemingly none the worse for the wear. She seems perfectly fine, and Jane’s a bit annoyed. Elaine stays over at Jane’s and makes breakfast for everyone in the morning. Paul (Justin Deeley) is totally down with that. Things get a bit tense though when Elaine realizes that Owen is Stacy’s baby daddy. Jane really doesn’t want to hear it and goes to work. 

She’s getting coffee, when an Amish man comes inside with a horse. Jakob Yordy (Doug Savant) explains to the officer (Mike Stoudt) that the horse is dehydrated and he brought her in to cool down. When it turns out she is, the officer takes her to get water from the hose.

Jakob tells Jane that he’s come from Colorado to meet with Ivar Oil because his people agreed to allow Ivar to drill on their land, and ever since, everyone’s been getting ill, and now his 8-year-old daughter has benzene poisoning and needs treatment, including a bone marrow transplant. It’s very expensive though and Jakob has come to LA to ask Ivar to stop drilling, and to pay for Rebecca’s treatment. Jane tells him she’ll help.

Jane meets with Ivar’s counsel and tells him of Jakob’s demands, but when she threatens to sue, Jakob interrupts and tells her that he won’t be suing. He just came to ask Ivar to do the right thing. Ivar’s attorney is pretty gleeful about that, but Jane tells him not to celebrate too soon.

Jane manages to get Nancy Grace interested, and  she films a shame on you type appearance. Teri tells her that her cleavage looks amazing in HD. After the show airs, a man come to see Jane. Zach is with Clean Water Defenders and he wants to bring suit on behalf of the Yardys and friends. Jakob’s son Isaac Yordy (Barrett Carnahan) shows up too, having seen the show. Jakob won’t even look at him though. Isaac has left the community, and he’s been shunned.

The trial seems to be going well, but then Ivar’s attorney asks Zach about the testing he did on the ground water on the Yordys property. It’s an exact match for a test conducted in West Virginia. It turns out Zach didn’t test the water in Colorado. He just used the results from West Virginia. No one’s going to believe anything out of Zach’s mouth. 

Jane apologizes to Jakob and he tells he never trusted Zach because of his soft hands. This makes Jane think because Zach told them that he grew up on a farm, and his hands make that a lie. She looks into it, and she arranges for a meeting in chambers with Zach and Ivar. She explains that she went on line and found only six articles about Zach. She contacted the writers, and couldn’t find them. It turns out Zach is really David Clemmons. Clemmons used to work for Ivar in public relations. The judge is not amused, but without a plaintiff, he can’t do much.

Jane asks for time and gets Isaac to come in. Ivar argues that having been shunned, Isaac has no standing. The judge reluctantly agrees, but it turns out Isaac’s grandad left him five acres, so he has standing. The judge agrees. He’s so pissed at Ivar that he immediately enjoins Ivar from drilling. He also orders them to pay for Rebecca’s medical bills and to set aside $10 million to mitigate further damages.

Jakob thanks Jane, but still won’t look at Isaac. Jane points out that without Isaac, she couldn’t have done it. Isaac tells his father that he’s still the same person. Jakob turns around and grabs Isaac. They cry as they hug.

Throughout, Jane’s been dealing with Elaine, and then she collapses again. When Jane gets to Elaine’s room, she’s pissed to find a party in full swing, complete with mariachi band. She yells at Paul, but he tells her that Elaine’s dying. The doctors have told her that she has a tumor on her brain stem. He tells her she needs to respect Elaine’s wishes and not let on that she knows. Jane’s stunned. Elaine asks Jane to read Alice in Wonderland, like she used to read to Jane when she was a little girl. Jane does, but then has to leave because of work.

Grayson deals with a slightly different case this week. Lady Robin (Rebecca Mader) is a dominatrix, and she’s suing a client for nonpayment. Tripp (Jon Michael Davis) was mad because she wouldn’t squeeze him in when she was seeing another client, and now refuses to pay his $14,000 bill. In court, Robin reveals all the somewhat embarrassing things she did to Tripp to earn the money, and Grayson handily wins. Tripp pays up, but then he talks to all his friends, and they all cancel on her. Grayson realizes that Tripp is enjoying humiliation. In a conference, Robin orders Tripp to retract everything; he happily agrees.

Stacy tries to get the baby into a top preschool because she’s worried about not being smart, but she has to get through an interview with the headmistress (Peri Gilpin). Owen’s not impressed with the school, and tells Stacy the baby is lucky to have Stacy. 

Jane goes to see Elaine in the hospital. Elaine’s visibly weaker. She thanks Jane for being a good daughter, but she knows the truth: Jane isn’t her daughter. She hasn’t been since she was shot. Elaine never read her Alice. Jane’s stunned, and before she can say anything, Elaine dies.

Grayson comes to comfort Jane, and they wind up kissing. Squee, except real Jane (Natalie Hall) shows up. She’s devastated and angry. She tells Jane to tell Grayson the truth about who she really is and leaves. It’s a good thing this show’s been renewed. Imagine if it had ended on that?!

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