‘Drop Dead Diva': What’s ahead for Kim and Parker?

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Drop Dead Diva‘s Josh Berman is full of spoilers. He has already hinted that Fred’s (Ben Feldman) exit might not be forever. Now he’s offering hints into new partners Kim (Kate Levering) and Parker’s relationship. It’s not going to be easy.

Berman hints that Kim and Parker (Josh Stamberg) are not as done as it seemed after last season. Kim has a very guarded heart, and it has been obvious for some time that she has been hurt before. Is this hurt exclusively from her own romantic relationships or does at least some of it lay in watching her parents as she grew up? Perhaps that will be answered on Sunday when John Ratzenberger (Cliff!) guest stars as Kim’s father (TVLine).

Drop Dead Diva Season 4 Episode 2 Photos

Kim certainly doesn’t look thrilled to be with her father in this still, does she?

As for Kim and Parker, well, they have always had a somewhat rocky relationship. Know what? Scratch the somewhat. It’s been very rocky.

Kim has always been something of a nemesis for Drop Dead Diva‘s heroine, Jane (Brooke Elliott). They are very different people and it didn’t help matters that both were on partnership tracks, so when Grayson (Jackson Hurst) joined the firm and dated Kim…well, Jane does not love Kim. As for Parker, he’s always been something of a player.

Since he never exactly hid that from the office, it’s no wonder that when the two started dating in season two, that neither one seemed to take their relationship very seriously. So it was surprising when they broke up the first time and it looked like that was that. Except Parker did not seem willing for it to end and he spent much of the beginning of Season 3 trying to change Kim’s mind, and then came Elisa (Brandy Norwood).

It was Kim that convinced Parker to try and find his son and Elisa. Regardless of everything else, the two have a connection and that will continue regardless of what happens when Norwood returns with Serena Williams (yes, tennis star Serena Williams) in tow as her attorney (Lifetime).

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