‘Drop Dead Diva': Where’s Owen?

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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Drop Dead Diva, “Road Trip”, and more specifically, if you have not seen the preview that followed the episode, you might not want to read on.

This is the situation thus far:

Team Owen (Lex Medlin) was thrilled three episodes ago when he took a knee and proposed to Jane (Brooke Elliott) in the bar downstairs from the office; Team Grayson (Jackson Hurst) less so, especially since he had just sucked up the courage to tell Jane how he feels. Although, really, how does he feel? It’s still not entirely clear other than that he has feelings for her. At any rate, he was too late because Luke (Carter MacIntyre) is Team Owen all they way, and he blocked Grayson from reaching Jane before the proposal.

Owen then swept Jane away for a horse drawn carriage ride and everything seemed wonderful if ridiculously fast considering he had just hours earlier told Jane that he was not interested in marriage.

By the next episode, however, Owen was nowhere to be found. After several days of radio silence, other than a potted orchid with a card explaining that he was off to visit a college bud in the hospital. Jane came to the realization that her engagement might be done before she had really adjusted to being engaged, when Teri (Margaret Cho) informed her that she had contacted the college friend and not only was he not in the hospital, he also hadn’t heard from Owen in months.

By episode 7, Jane learned that Owen was apparently in Minneapolis, and that his only friend there was an ex. Stacy (April Bowlby), Teri and Jane’s mom (Faith Prince) helped her with a fiancé bonfire, and she burned everything but her engagement ring which she removed.

By last night’s episode, Jane was ready to move on from Owen, and waited in vain for Grayson to make a move. When he didn’t, she confided to Stacy that she thought it was never going to happen. After Stacy passed that information along, Grayson immediately rushed to Jane to tell her—and the offices were raided by the FBI.

Turns out that Teri was right to be leery of Gina (Madchen Amick). She likely used the firm to launder money when she bought out Luke. Parker (Josh Stamberg) and Kim (Kate Levering) were too slow in getting rid of her and now the firm is in jeopardy.

Looking backwards, a whole lot happened in a very few episodes.

Last spoiler alert: Ordinarily that would be big enough news, but not this time because the previews showed Owen, and not in a flashback. He’s back and trying to explain himself to Jane. Jane understandably seems less than inclined to listen.

What possible explanation could he give to explain not only his absence but the fact that he hasn’t contacted her at all? No matter what the story is, and of course there will be one, what could possibly excuse his not getting in touch with his fiancée before this?

Brooke Elliott and Lex Medlin on Drop Dead DivaJane and Owen in happier times

You can find Drop Dead Diva episodes here, the preview should be up soon as well.

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